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A Boutique Commercial Debt Buying Company With a Combined 60 Years Experience
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    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Commercial Debt Purchaser With 5-Star Reviews In Arkansas

    Commercial Debt Purchaser With 5-Star Reviews On Google
    Commercial Debt Purchaser With 5-Star Reviews On Facebook
    Commercial Debt Purchaser With 5-Star Reviews On Yelp
    client testimonials

    J.S. ★★★★★

    “Our company had been struggling to recover defaulted commercial equipment leases, but after working with the team at Camoli Investments, we were able to recoup a significant amount of our losses. They are true experts in their field and I highly recommend them for any business looking to recover from defaulted debt.”

    “As a small independent lender, I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of defaulted MCA accounts I had accumulated. The team at Camoli Investments not only worked with us to negotiate a very fair price on our charged-off accounts, but also provided valuable guidance on avoiding future financial pitfalls. I highly recommend their services.”

    A.J. ★★★★★

    ” I have been working with Camoli Investments for several years now and have always been impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. They are very responsive, follow through on commitments, and treat our customers the way we would want them to be treated.”

    T.W. ★★★★★

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    Debt Buying Firm Helping Companies
    In Arkansas Solve Their B2B Debts

    Acquire & Manage Commercial Debts With Banks, Creditors, Lenders & Finance Companies

    Camoli Investments is a highly experienced group of industry leaders in debt recovery, specializing in boutique-style service. With decades of expertise in all critical aspects of portfolio acquisition, debt recovery in Arkansas, and client relations, Camoli Investments carries the highest levels of compliance and on-going certification required for membership in the Receivables Management Association. Our boutique firm has established relationships with major financial institutions nationwide.

    Specializing In Defaulted Commercial Equipment Leases, MCA Debts, Commercial Loans & More

    As a five-star Arkansas boutique debt collection firm, Camoli Investments is impressively experienced in acquiring defaulted commercial equipment leases, MCA debts, and other types of commercial loans between businesses, lenders, creditors, and finance companies worldwide. Take advantage of our personalized consultation services to discuss your unique financial situation and let us help you determine the best course of action for moving forward. Contact Camoli Investments today!

    Our team offers 60 years of combined experience
    Team analyzing data
    Trusted Debt Buying firm For Business-To-Business & Consumer Debt

    Not only does our Arkansas commercial collections boutique firm specialize in acquiring and managing commercial debt, but we also provide a variety of accounts receivables services to assess any distressed and non-performing accounts in consumer lending institutions. This allows companies to streamline their cash flow and improve areas of financial weakness. Camoli Investments has the resources to provide post=sale collections efforts in compliance with evolving debt collection laws.  

    Why Choose Our Arkansas Accounts
    Receivables Management Services

    Managing Commercial Loans for banks, creditors, lenders and finance companies
    We Are Proud Members Of The Receivables Management Association

    Camoli Investments is the proud member of the prestigious Receivables Management Association, carrying the highest level of licensing and certification in the strategic acquisition of commercial debts and loans. Through every aspect of our debt collection and accounts receivables services, Camoli Investments focus on professionalism, compliance, and licensing requirements. As a veteran group, we fully understand the challenges debtors face in our economic climate today.

    Female agent specializing in leases, debts, loans, and more
    Over 60 Years Of Combined Experience In The Commercial Debt Buying Industry

    Our executive team carries over six decades of combined experience in the Arkansas consumer debt buying industry. We are proud to have built established relationships with financial institutions across the nation as we specialize in acquiring and managing business-to-business debts and consumer loans. Through an individualized approach to every case, Camoli Investments strives at servicing debt portfolios post-purchase for image conscious issuers and sellers worldwide.

    Providing services for distressed and non-performing accounts
    Aligned With The Largest Commercial Collections Agency In The U.S.

    Closely affiliated with the largest commercial collections agency in the United States, Camoli Investments guarantees that your accounts and customer data are fully protected. We work diligently to stay up to date with industry regulations, evolving debt recovery laws, and best practice requirements to ensure both compliance and effective debt collection efforts for our clients. Schedule a consultation with Camoli Investments to begin working toward a solution for your financial needs.

    Celebrating 15 Years of Experience

    #1 Commercial Debt Buyers In Arkansas

    Celebrating 15 Years of Experience
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    From a one-time sale of distressed A/R, to recurring projects, we are here to be a part of your A/R management.

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    Mon – Fri: 7:30AM – 4:30PM
    Sat/Sun: Closed

    Arkansas Commercial Debt Buyers Specializing In A/R Management

    Debt acquisition services to better maintain B2B commercial relationships
    Debt Portfolio Acquisition Services That Maintain Commercial B2B Relationships

    As veteran leaders in the industry, Camoli Investments is well aware of the value in business to client relationships, and the threat posed to that relationship by money owed. Our services include the strategic acquisition of distressed and non-performing commercial and consumer accounts receivables from banks, business owners, financial institutions, leasing companies, and more, with a strong emphasis on maintaining the valuable relationship between seller and customer.

    Outstanding Customer Service For Both Sellers & Debtors In Arkansas

    Camoli Investments carries great pride in the exceptional service we offer to our selling clients and debtors. You can expect clear communication throughout the entire accounts receivable management process, whether it is a one-time issue or ongoing project. Our Arkansas commercial debt buying services are dedicated toward finding effective, customized solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs and financial goals. Contact Camoli Investments to learn more!

    Customer Service For Both Sellers & Debtors

    FAQ About Our Debt Buying And Management Services

    How Should I Choose A Debt Buying Agency?

    When choosing a debt buying agency, it’s important to consider their reputation, experience, compliance with laws and regulations, communication, fees, use of technology, and customer service. Look for an agency with a good reputation, experience in your specific industry, and compliance with state and federal laws. Choose an agency that communicates regularly and clearly, is transparent about their fees, uses advanced technology, and prioritizes customer service. By considering these factors, you can choose a debt buying agency that will effectively collect debts while maintaining a positive relationship between you and your customers.

    What’s The Difference Between A Debt Buying And A Debt Collection Agency?

    While both debt buying companies and debt collection companies work to secure payments owed by delinquent consumers to their debtors, there are a few key differences to note. It is important to know exactly what type of agency you need for your specific situation, and to understand the differences between their services. The biggest difference is that a debt collection agency simply collects the debt owed to other companies, while a debt buying agency actually purchases and owns the debt they are attempting to collect. Sometimes a creditor will prefer to sell their debt and take the loss as a tax write-off, rather than continue to invest in pursuing the full amount of debt owed.

    How Much Can I Get If I Sell A Commercial Debt?

    The purpose of selling your debt to a debt buyer is to save yourself the investment of time, money, and energy in pursuing a debt owed to you by a consumer. You will typically take a loss and chalk it up to a tax write-off. Typically, the cost to purchase a commercial debt is between $0.04 and $0.14 for every dollar owed. For example, if you have $10,000 in debt and the debt buyer pays ten cents on the dollar, you may receive $1,000 from them as payment for purchasing your debt.

    What Type Of Debt Can Commercial Debt Buyers Purchase?

    A debt buyer focuses on purchasing portfolios of non-performing accounts from creditors, lenders, finance companies, and banks. The most common types of debt purchased are credit card loans, car loans, and mortgage loans from banks. However, a debt buyer can also purchase personal loans, utility bills, medical bills, primary and secondary mortgages, student loans, and more. Always check with the debt recovery agency before hiring their services to be sure they can legally purchase the specific type of debt owed to you.

    What Is The Process Of A Commercial Debt Sale?

    A debt buyer is a licensed agency that purchases debt from creditors at a significant discount. They can buy delinquent debt at a fraction of the debt’s value, typically at somewhere between $0.04 and $0.14 on the dollar. The debt buyer will then aggressively pursue recovery of that debt, either through their own methods or by hiring a debt collection agency. Creditors are typically a utility company, medical service, or a credit card company carrying a variety of delinquent accounts. They organize these debts into portfolios, and sell them to debt buyers at a fraction of the cost.

    What Documentation Should Sellers Provide To Prospective Buyers?

    The documents needed for the debt buying process are very similar to the debt collection process. The creditor must provide a copy of the original written agreement between parties, such as the loan note or credit card agreement. They must also prove their right to collect or sell the debt, such as a bill of sale, a receipt, or an assignment showing the debt and the debtor. Your debt buyer will provide more specific information regarding what documentation is needed from you for the process.

    How Do Commercial Debt Buyers Decide Which Debts to Purchase?

    When debt buyers seek out debts to purchase from creditors, they typically search for debts that have gone unpaid for the longest amount of time. The longer the account has been delinquent, the less they will need to pay for it, because the creditor is more than ready to have it off their records. Typically, debt buyers purchase large portfolios of debt at the same time, so they less they need to pay, the better. Debt buyers typically purchase from credit card companies, car lenders, utility companies, student loan lenders, and other similar creditors.

    Helping Local Businesses Recover Business-To-Business Debts

    Does Your Company In Pulaski County Need Help? Contact Us Today!

    Let Camoli Investments purchase your debt to clear your record. We also offer accounts receivables management services to identify areas where you may be bleeding money to delinquent accounts.

    Need Skilled Recovery Of Defaulted Commercial Debts In Benton County? Give Us A Call!

    Don’t continue to struggle with delinquent accounts on your own! Contact Camoli Investments to schedule an individualized consultation and learn more about how our debt-buying services in Arkansas can benefit you.

    Do You Require Commercial Debt Buying Services In Washington County? We Are Here For You!

    If you are facing a mountain of commercial debt due to consumers not following through with their contracts, Camoli Investments can help. Our veteran industry leaders specialize in purchasing portfolios from creditors and lenders.

    Need To Maintain Positive B2B Relationships In Sebastian County? Look No Further!

    Contact Camoli Investments to learn more about our methods for maintaining a valuable business-to-business relationship while recovering what is owed to you. We are reliable, honest, and thorough.

    Looking For Strategic Acquisition Of Commercial Accounts In Faulkner County? Get In Touch With Us!

    Our individualized acquisition of debts is unique to your financial situation and needs. Camoli Investments is dedicated to streamlining your cash flow by acquiring old debts and maintaining your positive reputation.

    Commercial Debt Buyers Providing Services In Arkansas

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